Minibus Emergency Evacuation for Drivers and Passenger Assistants

Minibus Emergency Evacuation – 5 STEPS To Safety

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These courses are run on-site using an organisations own minibus and classroom. They are half-day sessions lasting about two and a half to three hours, so two can be run back to back on the same day. Cost savings can be achieved if two sessions run on the same day.

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The sessions start with some theory items:

· Session aims and expectations

· Basic principles of fire

· Fire extinguishers

· Hazards associated with fire

· Types of vehicle fire

· Reducing risks

· Principles of evacuation – 5 STEPS to follow

This is followed by a number of practical exercises, some of which involve the use of a theatrical smoke machine, which we supply – this generates a non-toxic mist and is of the type used in theatres.

We recommend that any participant who has a bronchial condition (asthma, bronchitis Etc) or who is anxious about taking part should be encouraged to take an active part in the ‘smokeless’ exercises and observe/assist during the other exercises from outside the vehicle.

A number of scenarios are acted out in as realistic a manner as possible, with a de-briefing after each for a maximum learning experience.

Fire on a minibus can have serious consequences and the “5 STEPS” do not come with a guarantee, however training may help staff and volunteers avoid a fire in the first place. If not, it may help them make better decisions if the worst does occur.

At the end of the course participants are given a CTA Certificate and some useful course notes.

Please contact us if you would like to look at the possibilities of running a course.

Call us on 01557 428324






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