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You’re probably overwhelmed by all the information out there about minibus law, driving licenses, Section 19 Permits… Or, worse still, perhaps you don’t even know what a Section 19 Permit is!

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Advanced Training Services is run by Roger Denman, one of the longest established and most experienced MiDAS Training Agents in the country.

Our MiDAS Training Services

We offer the full range of MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) and PATS (Passenger Assistant Training Scheme) programmes for Drivers, Passenger Assistants and Trainers. This covers training for staff or volunteers not just working in minibuses but also cars, MPV’s, taxis and coaches.

Organisations that operate vehicles, which could include minibuses, people carriers or cars, not only have a ‘Duty of Care’ to passengers but also to their drivers and passenger assistants (formerly called escorts). Failure to provide specialist training (especially if you expect staff or volunteers to operate specialist equipment in specialist vehicles) could lead to some interesting questions in court, should something go ‘pear shaped’!

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Our MiDAS Training Courses include the following:

Call us on 01557 428324

We do not offer ‘D1’ training to prepare someone to sit a Government test to get their minibus license, we specialise in the MiDAS and PATS training.

MiDAS Training – Practical Considerations

MiDAS and PATS are operated by Hampshire County Council (in Hampshire) and by the Community Transport Association (CTA) across the rest of the country.

Training within the different programmes can be carried out either by external trainers, such as Advanced Training Services, coming to an organisation or by a specially trained in-house trainer.

These are known as DAT’s (Driver Assessor/Trainers), PAT’s (Passenger Assistant Trainers) or Car and MPV Observers. Advanced Training Services can also offer these ‘Train the Trainer’ courses.

The navigation bars on the right will take you to details of the different courses offered and there is also a link to the Training Diary which lists dates that  courses are set to run. You can also access above our contact details and links to a number of other websites that might be useful.

Our Blog will have pointers to any breaking news and other things of potential interest to readers.

Depending upon delegate numbers and facilities MiDAS training courses can be arranged throughout the country for minibus, Car or MPV drivers, Passenger Assistants and/or in-house trainers.

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