Passenger Assistant Trainers Course

Passenger Assistant Trainers Course

General details regarding the Passenger Assistant Training Scheme (PATS) can be found by clicking the Passenger Assistant link. This page focuses on the course for a Passenger Assistant Trainer (known as a PAT).

Depending upon the modules that the PAT would be delivering the training course could be one and a half days, for Module A only, up to four days for all five modules.

Careful consideration needs to be given to the choice of candidate for any of the Trainers courses but this is particularly important when it comes to a Passenger Assistant Trainer. This is because a PAT would be expected to liaise with the managers of Passenger Assistants to develop a course that met their required training needs.

They would also be expected to be familiar with the work of a Passenger Assistant (previously call a Passenger Escort). These elements are covered on the course but it may not be a major issue if the PAT is only expected to train their colleagues within their own organisation.

Please contact us for a discussion and to receive an overview of the course content.

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